Gemalto, Sequans Demo Cat M1 LTE-M Solution

Gemalto has teamed up with Sequans, an LTE chipmaker, to develop ‘LTE-M’ technology tailored for the emerging Internet of Things. The companies are showing off their first offering, the Cat M1 IoT solution, at GSMA Mobility Live! in Atlanta this week.Gemalto, Sequans Demo Cat M1 LTE-M Solution

In a statement announcing their solution, the companies explained that it’s primarily meant for low bandwidth applications such as “alarms systems, asset trackers, smart meters, smart city controllers, wearables and industrial sensors.” The Cat M1 IoT solution is designed to offer strong performance in indoor settings while conserving IoT device power consumption.

For their demonstration at GSMA Mobility Live!, the companies are connecting a Cat M1-based wireless module to an Ericsson RBS6000 Multi-Standard base station also using Cat M1 software. They say it can support over 10 LTE frequency bands, with dynamic power management allowing for over 10 years of battery life for the average IoT device.

With Gemalto having first announced its M2M Cat 1 LTE module earlier this year, the company appears to be working to keep pace with the expansion of the IoT as it seeks to offer more sophisticated connectivity solutions.