GlaxoSmithKline Study Validates Biometrics’ Use in Clinical Trials

vital biometrics and wearable techCloud-based medical research firm Medidata has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to assess the potential of mobile biometrics in clinical study, and their results are very positive. The findings essentially validate mobile biometrics technology as a powerful new tool in medical research.
The collaborative project took place in GSK’s Human Performance Lab and made use of Vital Connect’s HealthPatch MD and ActiGraph’s wGT3X-BT Monitor as biometric monitoring devices. The data they collected was collected in the Medidata Patient Cloud mobile app, when then applied the data to the clinical record. All told, the endeavour satisfied its participants that mobile biometric technology can be used to reliably collect health data in large-scale clinical trials, and Medidata plans to use this experiment as a model for further Phase I – IV trials going forward.
GSK’s stamp of approval is a major validation for mobile biometric technology’s health applications. There’s already a lot of buzz in the medical sciences as the possibilities are being explored, while the technology’s use in everyday health is already prevalent via wearable fitness-trackers and even mobile phones in conjunction with platforms like Apple’s Healthkit.