Global Payments Announces Support For Samsung Pay

Global Payments has announced its support for Samsung Pay in the UK.

Global Payments Announces Support For Samsung PayThe mobile payments platform launched in the country in mid-May, and currently has the support of MBNA, Nationwide, and Santander banks. Now, Global Payments says its payment solutions are “fully enabled for acceptance, allowing merchants to offer their customers the convenience of Samsung Pay,” according to a statement from the company.

Commenting further on the support, Global Payments SVP Frank Young said it demonstrates “our continued commitment to leading payments technology across the globe by offering another form of mobile payment acceptance to merchants.”

While the official support of Global Payments is no doubt welcome from Samsung Pay’s perspective, for the end user it’s more or less irrelevant. Like its mPayment rivals Apple Pay and Android Pay, Samsung Pay’s NFC technology enables it to make contactless payments at any NFC POS terminals. At the same time, its unique MST technology allows it to emulate a swipe-based payment card, effectively enabling compatibility at any swipe-based terminal.