GlobalPlatform Focuses on IoT Devices with Latest TEE Updates

GlobalPlatform has updated its Trusted Execution Environment Initial Configuration v1.1 and Test Suite v2.0 platforms.

GlobalPlatform Focuses on IoT Devices with Latest TEE UpdatesIn a statement announcing the updates, GlobalPlatform said they were a product of feedback from TEE testing, with the Initial Configuration update bringing “refinements to features including the internal core and the client specification.” Test Suite v2.0, meanwhile, “sets the basis for a minimum but mandatory level of interoperability”, with testing having been done in Linux and Android environments.

Commenting on the updates, GlobalPlatform Technical Director Gil Bernabeu explained that they’re essentially meant to improve clients’ testing of security features during the development process, asserting, “GlobalPlatform’s goal is to accelerate the deployment of certified TEE products and promote a globally interoperable, secure connected device ecosystem, which enables service providers to confidently and effectively manage risk.”

The TEE is meant to offer a secure, isolated component of a device’s processor in which data can be stored and processed with a higher degree of security, and as such could prove critical to the security features of Internet of Things devices and smartphones, so GlobalPlatform’s efforts to enhance the testing and QA aspect of TEE could prove highly valuable to developers. With these latest updates, GlobalPlatform is aiming to offer particularly useful testing tools for Linux, which Bernabeu said “is widely used” in the IoT market.