GlobalSign Signs Up With Industrial Internet Consortium

GlobalSign Signs Up With Industrial Internet ConsortiumDigital certificates and identification specialist GlobalSign has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, the company has announced.

The IIC is a nonprofit, cross-industry collaborative group working on developing standards for the Internet of Things with a particular focus on industrial applications. The consortium has sought cooperation with various relevant organizations—such as German software developer SAP, for example—to this end, and GlobalSign is the latest to sign on.

The company could prove a valuable ally. It offers solutions in the areas of data integrity, encryption, and authentication—all areas of considerable importance in the growing data networks of the IoT. As such the company joins the IIC’s Security Working Group and its Testbed Working Group, with an eye to developing standards for the assessment of IT security systems and the development of industrial internet testing platforms for the industrial internet, respectively.

Commenting in a statement, GlobalSign VP Lancen LaChance said that the industrial internet is going to “bring greater speed, safety and efficiency to a myriad of industries such as manufacturing, automotive, energy and healthcare, but will also have a profound impact on security and privacy,” adding that GlobalSign is looking forward to working with the IIC “to offer guidance for any organization trying to build an Industrial Internet System while managing risks and security posture.”