Good Technology Announces Multifactor Authentication Framework

Today secure mobility company Good Technology announced today a Trusted Authentication Framework that will allow developers and independent software vendors across its secured ecosystem to leverage multifactor authentication methods in their apps. Called the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, this framework allows organizations the flexibility to choose whatever authentication is most appropriate for their particular situation.

“Security is one of the top concerns across the enterprise, whether you’re an organization deploying mobile apps to your employees, customers and partners, or a developer creating one of those apps,” said Dr. Nicko van Someren, Chief Technology Officer at Good Technology. “Organizations are seeking authentication solutions that provide both greater security and enhanced ease of use and the market has responded with a number of innovative solutions in this space. Integrating these capabilities with the Good Dynamics platform means that Good is now delivering an even more comprehensive, secure development framework that facilitates the creation and adoption of the most comprehensive mobile security features available.”

This is another in an emerging trend of multifactor platforms putting the power of choice in the customer’s hand. Two-factor, one-time password (OTP), smart cards and biometrics authentication all fall under Good’s offerings in this regard. Like other platforms that offer multifactor, a big advantage here is that as-of-yet unrealized authentication factors are still on the table here.

The current list of Good Trusted Authenticator partners is diverse in range. Biometrics Associates, EyeVerify, Intercede, Mi-Token and Precise Biometrics are all listed as early access partners. This means tokens, Eyeprints, fingerprints, smart cards and more are all supported immediately.