Good Technology Secure App Platform Enjoys “Rapid Growth”

Good Technology Secure App Platform Enjoys "Rapid Growth"Business is going well for mobile security solutions provider Good Technology, the company says. In a statement, Good Technology says it’s seeing “rapid growth” in third-party companies’ use of its Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.

The platform is a Trusted Authentication Framework developed by the company to provide third-party developers with an easy and effective means of integrating multifactor authentication into their mobile apps. It frees third-party companies from the burden of having to make all their own apps, and assures them that the apps they do purchase will be highly secure. And it seems to be catching on. Good Technology says that 62 percent of its 100 biggest customers have ordered “Sold by Good” apps from Independent Software Vendor (ISV) affiliates. Moreover, 46 percent of those top 100 have bought three or more apps, and 28 percent have purchased at least five.

Good Technology VP Matt Sturges explained the appeal of the model offered by Good Technology in terms of its opportunity cost advantages to businesses, asserting that using Good-secured, off-the-shelf apps can help companies “to more quickly transform the way they do business without building every app themselves.” He added that it “allows them to focus development resources on apps that are extending their core competencies and are strategic to the business.”

The appeal of the model is obvious, but it’s also worth stressing the security focus that Good Technology has employed. For example, Good Technology’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform now uses Trustonic’s TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology, which includes biometric-ready security features. This kind of security will be all the more important as more organizations embrace BYOD culture, which brings its own particular security vulnerabilities. Good Technology is likely to increasingly appeal to these organizations as a major ally in their mobile operations.