Google Adds Biometric Lock to Incognito Searches on iOS

Google is bringing its Incognito search function to its iOS app, and is adding biometric security to the mix.

Google Adds Biometric Lock to Incognito Searches on iOSIncognito search is already available on the Google Chrome app, letting users browse the web in a way that doesn’t tie their searches to their accounts, allowing for a certain measure of privacy. Now, that same functionality is coming to the primary Google app, and particularly security-conscious users can lock their searches with Touch ID. That means other users who get a hold of your phone still won’t be able to see what you’ve been searching in the Google app,

Of course, the same users who are most interested in this feature are probably already locking their devices with Touch ID. But now they can safely hand off their phones to friends without worrying that their private searches will be clearly visible.

It’s another example of how third party app developers are taking advantage of Touch ID to add extra security to their own software, and of the growing popularity of mobile biometric security more generally.

Sources: The Verge, Mashable