Google Home Coming to Canada in Early Summer

Google Home is coming to Canada at the start of summer.

Google Home Coming to Canada in Early SummerThe plans were revealed unceremoniously on Twitter today, when Google’s @madebygoogle Twitter account finally responded a series of user inquiries into the device’s release date—such as a March 16th inquiry from user “Trash Panda” asking, “any idea of when we’ll see Google Home for sale in Canada?”

“We’ve got more than an idea!” Google’s account replied, “You can pre-order Google Home in Canada today, and buy in store on 6/26”.

Google Home is, of course, Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo – a small smart home device that operates via voice interaction. Like the Echo’s Alexa AI assistant, Google Home can do things like provide weather and traffic updates, adjust connected lighting, and play music at the user’s command. It was also recently upgraded with the capability to recognize particular voices, allowing it to tailor responses to the different members of a given household.

With new compatible smart lights on the way from IKEA and other such devices undoubtedly in the pipeline from additional companies, Canadians will start to see some interesting smart home options on the market in the coming months.