Google Home Can Now Identify Your Voice

Google is enabling voice recognition for its smart home AI assistant.

Google Home Can Now Identify Your VoiceIt isn’t being used for authentication purposes, but rather to allow users to set up multiple accounts for voice interaction with the same device. In other words, once configured, Google Home can tell who’s talking, and will tailor its responses to that person’s preferences.

Configuration entails each registered user – and there can be up to six per device – saying the phrases “Okay Google” and “Hey Google” twice each. From there, Google Home knows who you are.

It’s another escalation in the growing voice command AI competition between Google and rivals like Amazon (with its Alexa platform) and Apple (with Siri). Google is rolling out the feature to US users now, and says it will come to the UK “in the coming months,” according to a post on the company’s blog. It isn’t yet clear if the company’s technology has mastered the Scottish accent.