Google Might Unveil IoT Software Next Week

Google Might Unveil IoT Software Next WeekRumors are swirling that Google will debut some sort of Internet of Things architecture at its upcoming Google I/O developer conference, according to an article on The Verge by Jacob Kastrenakes.

Relying on reports from The Information, Kastrenakes suggests that Google has been working on software to connect low-power devices, indicating that it could be used as information architecture in an IoT ecosystem. The software is apparently being called “Brillo” internally, but there’s reason to believe it will take on some sort of Android branding when it’s unveiled.

Further details are scant, but there are indications that the software is meant for devices with as little as 32MBs of RAM, and that it could be integrated into smaller household tech as well as home appliances like refrigerators, stoves and the like.

In building such a system – if that is in fact something Google has been doing – the company joins other major organizations that have been throwing their hats into the IoT ring. Samsung recently unveiled ARTIK, a chip line meant to provide the technological infrastructure for IoT devices; while Huawei just announced an operating system for IoT devices called LiteOS, part of its Agile IoT architecture. Huge growth is predicted for this field, so while we can’t yet confirm rumors about Google’s entry, it’s a good bet to expect it soon.