Google to Take Aim at iPhone with New Pixel Smartphones

New leaks are offering some hints about Google’s forthcoming new smartphones ahead of their launch tomorrow.

Google to Take Aim at iPhone with New Pixel SmartphonesThey’re part of a significant rebrand. Previously, Google had released its own smartphone, made by OEMs like Huawei and LG, under the Nexus brand name. Pixel puts the devices in line with Google’s latest laptop and tablet, and, as The Guardian’s Samuel Gibbs points out, suggests “an obvious direct challenge to Apple and its iPhone.”

The Pixel and its plus-size sibling the Pixel XL will sport strong battery life, with a 15-minute charge reportedly offering seven hours of power; and they’ll come with cloud-storage support promising full-resolution photo and video archiving. They’ll also come with Google’s AI Assistant, its Siri rival, which could prove important as voice-based AI becomes an increasingly prominent user interface for the Internet of Things. And both devices will feature fingerprint sensors, which are now standard features on new smartphones; the Pixels’ will be rear-mounted.

Google is expected to officially announce the new devices at a media event tomorrow.

Sources: The Guardian, 9to5Google