Google Pixel and Pixel XL Feature FPC’s Biometric Sensor Tech

Fingerprint Cards has announced what may be the highest-profile integration of its fingerprint sensor technology yet. Its FPC1025 sensor model is being used in Google’s new flagship mobile devices, the Pixel and Pixel XL.Google Pixel and Pixel XL Feature FPC's Biometric Sensor Tech

It’s a major validation for the company, which has established itself as a leading sensor supplier to the mobile market primarily through big-name, China-based brands. US-based Google is, of course, one of the biggest IT names in the world, and with its new Pixel smartphones the company has indicated that it’s now aiming to become a serious competitor for the top tier in prestige smartphones, going after the likes of Apple and its iPhone. As such, the devices offer an important showcase for FPC’s technology.

In a statement announcing the integrations, the company’s new CEO Christian Fredrikson said the FPC team is “proud to be selected by Google” as the sensor supplier for its new phones, and explained that FPC technology “supports 360-degree finger rotation capability, unsurpassed biometric performance, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality.” Fredrikson took over as CEO earlier this year in large part to guide FPC through its expansion into markets beyond mobile biometrics, but these latest integrations help to demonstrate that smartphones remain a very important component of FPC’s business.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)