Google Researchers Share AI Highlights

Google Researchers Share AI Highlights

A trio of Google researchers closed out 2018 with a celebration of some of the more eye-catching applications of AI they had seen over the year.

Fernanda Viégas, Jess Holbrook and Martin Wattenberg are the co-founders of PAIR, Google’s “People + AI Research” team. The outfit was created in 2017 with the mandate of research and developing AI technologies that “make partnerships between humans and artificial intelligence productive, enjoyable and fair,” as the researchers explained in a recent blog post.

To that end, they sought to find fun and intriguing applications of machine learning, or “ML”, technologies, with perhaps the most salient result coming out of their launch of TensorFlow.ja, a Javascript library that brought the TensorFlow ML framework into the web browser. That saw the development of multiple creative AI solutions including Seeing Music, a piece of software designed to visualize different aspects of music.

The PAIR researchers also note that they embarked on fruitful partnerships with experts in other fields, including academic collaborations that led to the development of an ML model designed to predict and visualize earthquake aftershocks.

The researchers’ year-end post offers a useful reminder of the innovative and benign applications that sophisticated AI offers at a time when there is also considerable concern over the dangers that such technologies are starting to pose. And it is another indication of Google’s commitment to ensuring that its technology is used for the good of humanity, at least to a greater extent than some other businesses exploring cutting-edge AI.

Source: The Keyword