GoVerifyID Integrated into Fujitsu’s Smart Origination

ImageWare’s GoVerifyID technology has been integrated into Fujitsu’s Smart Origination platform.

Fujitsu Smart Origination Gets GoVerifyIDIt’s a system designed to enable fast and simple user authentication through a smartphone. In a statement announcing the collaboration, the companies explained that the system “utilizes the camera on the applicant’s smartphone device along with the ImageWare GoVerifyID biometric SaaS offering to collect, process, and verify the user’s identity,” suggesting that facial recognition is used to enable biometric authentication. The system can then auto-fill identity information into forms requiring it; and it’s also designed to use device authentication and geolocation, and even to check identity details with credit bureaus.

As Fujitsu Head of Business and Application Services Ravi Krishnamoorthi explains, the partnership with ImageWare has allowed his company to combine ImageWare’s “best in breed biometric capability with our leading edge origination solution to provide customers with the highest possible confidence in verifying their identity on digital channels with the lowest possible effort.”

This new integration may signal building momentum for GoVerifyID’s profile. The biometric SaaS system was also recently integrated into FortScale’s behaviour analytics platform, and into the SAP HANA cloud platform shortly before that.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)