Public-Facing Gov’t Agencies Exploring New Technologies: Report

A new report from Accenture is highlighting the impact that emerging technologies are having on government agencies serving the public.

Public-Facing Gov't Agencies Exploring New Technologies: ReportEntitled “Emerging Technologies in Public Service“, the report is based on qualitative interviews with 774 ‘public service technology professionals’ in nine countries. The individuals were asked about technologies such as “advanced analytics/predictive modeling, the Internet of Things, intelligent process automation, video analytics, biometrics/identity analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing/generation,” according to a report summary.

Seventy percent of the agencies involved in the survey are considering implementing such technologies, while 25 percent have begun to implement them. Analytics technologies were found to be used most often for addressing privacy and security issues, with professionals with border services agencies leading such use cases. When the focus is on improving customer service, respondents tended to opt for technologies like “video analytics, biometrics, machine learning and the Internet of Things”.

While the government agencies’ embrace of such technologies will surprise few beyond the most jaded skeptics of government bureaucracy, the results offer some validation of the market excitement around technologies like biometrics and those associated with the Internet of Things.