Grubhub Announces Apple Pay Support

“The support should help to further expose Apple Pay to more consumers.”

Online and mobile food delivery service Grubhub has announced its support for Apple Pay.

Grubhub Announces Apple Pay SupportEffective today, Grubhub users with compatible iOS devices can pay for their orders using Apple’s mPayment platform. In a statement announcing the support, Grubhub Product SVP Sudev Balakrishnan highlighted Apple Pay’s ease-of-use, asserting that it “offers another quick and convenient way for them to pay for their meals, whether they’re at home or on the go.”

The support should help to further expose Apple Pay to more consumers. Grubhub says it works with over 44,000 restaurants in more than a thousand cities in the US and London, and it’s fair to expect that many of its users will be early adopters with respect to newer technologies, and thus curious to try Apple Pay’s pioneering service.

It should also help to further familiarize users with their iPhones’ Touch ID fingerprint scanning system, which enable fast and secure payment authorization for Apple Pay transactions.