GSMA Announces Speakers, Session Topics for Hague Event

The GSMA has announced new details on its 2017 Mobile 360 — Privacy and Security event in The Hague.

GSMA Announces Speakers, Session Topics for Hague EventIt’s part of the larger 2017 GSMA Mobile 360 Series announced in February, with other conferences scheduled to take place in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and North Asia. As GSMA Chief Marketing Officer Michael O’Hara explains in a statement, the conference in The Netherlands will have “a focus on the growing importance of trust, privacy and security globally for governments, businesses, and citizens.”

The event will feature a wide range of speakers including BlackBerry Global Data Protection Officer Nader Henein, CaixaBank Chief Information and Security Officer Carles Solé, IBM Application & Data Security Practice Associate Partner Jeff Hales, and Nokie Security Technology Officer Jan Kok, among many others. It will also entail a number of component sessions, including Privacy and Security for Digital-Oriented Businesses, Data Privacy Management for Customer Data, Developments in IoT Security, and more.

2017 Mobile 360 — Privacy & Security takes place next month, from May 23rd to May 24th.