GUEST POST: The First Smartwatch With Built-in eSIM has Arrived

The following is a guest article written by Haider Iqbal, Segment Marketing for the IoT and On-Demand Connectivity at Gemalto

GUEST POST: The First Smartwatch with Built-in eSIM has ArrivedEarlier this year, at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Gemalto showcased a demo of Samsung Gear S2 with innate cellular connectivity, which proved to be a great success. We received positive feedback from customers and analysts alike. The obvious first question to follow was: “When is the first commercial roll out?”

Thanks to the collective efforts of Orange, Samsung and Gemalto, the first GSMA-compliant consumer electronic device with e-SIM connectivity was commercially launched this summer – to a market poised to reach 237.1 million shipments by the year 2020, according to IDC.

This is not an ordinary feat – the GSMA is now committing resources to build a common platform that combines the efforts of mobile network operators, device manufacturers and EUM (eSIM Manufacturers). eSIM and remote SIM provisioning are a key component for giving consumers the freedom to connect freely, where and how they want.

The launch of Samsung Gear S2 in France is a big step forward for the wearables market because it’s the first connected watch to deliver inherent connectivity in the device. Until recently, smartwatches relied on a WiFi hub or a link to the user’s smartphone. With Gemalto’s embedded SIM and On Demand Connectivity technology, users can make calls and receive emails with their Gear S2 smartwatch, regardless of their smartphone’s battery life or location. And this is just the beginning!

Orange’s Essentials2020 project is aimed at securely connecting every individual to what is essential to him or her while providing an exceptional customer experience. Samsung’s Vision2020 campaign, works on innovative technologies that enrich people’s lives. Gemalto, being the world’s leader in digital security, is enabling its clients to offer trusted digital services for billions of individuals and things. The commercial launch of the Samsung Gear S2 by Orange marks a convergence of the vision of these three companies and a step forward to a new world of convenient, reliable connectivity.

Haider Iqbal, Segment Marketing for the IoT and On-Demand Connectivity at GemaltoHaider Iqbal is Segment Marketing Manager for the IoT, On-Demand Connectivity and OEMs at Gemalto. A tech enthusiast and generalist by nature, he loves finding synergies between different technologies, industries and business verticals. He’s on a life-long mission to drive change, drive a 4X4 and drive a golf ball…with occasional success!