Haptrics Inc Licenses Precise Biometrics Software

Precise Biometrics has signed on with a new licensing partner for its Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software. Korea-based fabless semiconductor specialist Haptrics Inc. will incorporate the technology into its CMOS fingerprint sensors.Haptrics Inc Licenses Precise Biometrics Software

The deal will see Haptrics pay annual licensing fees to Precise Biometrics, as well as royalties based on the number of sensors sold that use Precise BioMatch Mobile. According to a statement announcing the agreement, Haptrics is aiming to start sampling its Precise BioMatch Mobile-backed sensor solutions this month.

The news comes after some high-profile software integrations for Precise Biometrics, with the company having announced last week that its Precise BioMatch Embedded algorithm software was being used in longtime hardware partner Fingerprint Cards’ new T-Shape sensor module for biometric smart cards; and toward the end of last month, Precise Biometrics had also announced that KSI’s new biometric keyboard features liveness detection technology acquired by Precise Biometrics when it bought NexID earlier this year. Its Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software for smartphones, meanwhile, has been integrated into a wide range of mobile devices via multiple hardware partners.