HealthLoop to Shiver Alongside Patients in Apple HealthKit’s Waiting Room

vital biometrics and wearable tech

Vital biometrics and mobile devices are enabling patients to receive 24 hour health monitoring while freeing up bed space in hospitals.

HealthLoop, an online health management platform connecting doctors and patients, has released an iOS 8-compatible app. The app is designed to work with Apple’s HealthKit app to agglomerate users’ biometric health data and transmit it directly to their healthcare professionals.

While Apple’s HealthKit already provides the basic structure for collecting and transmitting health data collected through various biometric apps, HealthLoop is designed to embellish that data with clinical context, providing doctors at the receiving end of the data with more meaningful and insightful reports. Basically the whole system would operate as a sort of virtual check-up.

The launch of Apple’s much-hyped HealthKit app has been a bit of a stumble out of the gate. It was held back for tinkering as Apple launched its new operating system, and its relaunch saw a number of fixes alongside entirely new bugs. Its latest update is thought to be a significant improvement, which may persuade more doctors to enroll in HealthLoop and prescribe the program to their patients.