Heterogenous Network Deployment an IoT ‘Milestone’

Canadian telecom Telus and China-based ICT company Huawei have deployed a ‘Heterogenous Network’, or ‘HetNet’, at the former’s 5G Living Lab in Vancouver.

Heterogenous Network Deployment an IoT 'Milestone'In a statement, the companies called it a “significant milestone” in their quest to enable 5G connectivity. The HetNet is designed to combine multiple kinds of cells to enable seamless cellular coverage when transitioning between different kind of environments; for example, the HetNet would ensure that a high-definition mobile video keeps streaming even when a user walks from an outdoor area with strong coverage to an indoor area that would normally have more spotty coverage.

It’s the kind of 5G networking and connectivity technology that is currently being explored by other pioneering telecoms, and multinational corporations like Ericsson, the world over. In a statement announcing its success with HetNet, Telus Chief Technical Officer Ibrahim Gedeon said, “These ground-breaking trials will one day enable the likes of driverless cars; smart homes, businesses and cities; new innovations in healthcare; as well as yet-to-be-imagined applications, devices and services powered by dramatically faster and more reliable wireless connections.”

Telus and Huawei added that they have also established the continent’s biggest Centralized Radio Access Network, a technology aimed at delivering smart allocation of cellular capacity.