HID Approve Lets Users Swipe Right to Authenticate

HID Global has announced another new offering in its line of mobile identity solutions: a new authentication app aimed at the enterprise called HID Approve.

HID Approve Lets Users Swipe Right to AuthenticateThe system is designed to use an employee’s mobile device as a second factor of authentication in order to enable access to corporate assets, or to approve financial transactions, and other such applications. It’s based on HID Global’s AcivID Authentication platform, which triggers mobile push notifications every time a specified transaction is attempted. For the end user, authentication is as simple as swiping right on her smartphone.

In a statement announcing the new application, HID Global IAM Solutions Managing Director Brad Jarvis speculated that its impact will be similar to that of Uber in car services, adding, “HID Approve significantly simplifies and empowers consumers to better protect their finances, reduce fraud and have peace of mind.”

The system is available as both a turnkey app on iOS or Android, and as an SDK for custom integrations.