HID Global, MyTag.io Recognized for IoT Security Key Solution

HID Global and MyTAG.io have won the RFID Journal Award for Best NFC Deployment for their CityPoint project.

HID Global, MyTag.io Recognized for IoT Security Key SolutionThe project revolved around access control, CityPoint being a busy 35-story commercial building in London. The goal was to improve the building’s security guard and contractor credentialing system, which needed to track 220 physical keys through 295 security checkpoints.

To that end, HID teamed up with MyTAG.io, a security key solutions provider specializing in NFC and GPS technology, to leverage that company’s technological expertise with HID’s own NFC- and cloud-based Trusted Tag Services in order to develop an access control and asset management solution that would replace CityPoint’s more archaic system. Ultimately, the new solution led to a much more efficient administrative system that allows authorities to track security keys in real time and to analyze they keys’ usage.

HID Global envisions its Trusted Tag Services platform as an Internet of Things solution, and indeed as companies begin to track a range of assets through increasingly connected infrastructure, the platform could prove popular for security and administrative purposes, particularly given its new accolades for the CityPoint deployment.