HID Global Named One of 2017’s Most Valuable Brands

HID Global has been named one of ‘The 20 Most Valuable Brands’ of 2017 by Insight Success.

HID Global Named One of 2017's Most Valuable BrandsThe recognition comes in large part thanks to the HID Global’s ‘Powering trusted identities’ marketing campaign. In its profile of the company, Insights Success asserts that the company was previously “perceived as extremely traditional and was only associated with ‘physical access control'”, but that its new promotional campaign “led HID to burst out on the scene of identity technology… with a revamped attitude and excitement.”

Insights Success attributes much of this accomplishment to HID Global CEO Stefan Widing, who took the company’s helm about two years ago and proceeded to lead its new branding strategy. But in addition to lauding HID Global’s new branding strategy, the magazine also highlights its technological innovations, such as a solution that essentially turns smartphones into virtual keys for access control.

Other brands highlighted in Insight Success’s list include CSI Enterprises, Wipro Limited, and cruise line operator Carnival Corporation.