HID Global Announces Quantum Secure SAFE Enterprise

HID Global has taken the opportunity of this week’s ASIS International 2017 expo to unveil a major new product offering: Quantum Secure SAFE Enterprise.

HID Global Announces Quantum Secure SAFE EnterpriseThe solution is designed to allow organizations to administrate identity management through one central platform, and comprises four modular components. One is its ‘Badge Manager’, which uses external identification sources to load employee identity information. Similarly, ‘Visitor Manager’ handles visitor information from pre-registration to check-out. Meanwhile, the ‘Advanced Access Manager’ module is used to administrate access control, while the ‘Security Reporter and Operations Analytics’ module offers an overview of identity management operations.

HID Global is also planning to introduce more features to the platform, the first of which will be a “predictive analytics” component that will produce “Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that help organizations take preventive actions against possible threats,” according to a statement announcing Quantum Secure SAFE Enterprise.

The platform’s announcement comes soon after HID Global launched its HID Crescendo Temporary Access Card, which is designed to use the company’s IdenTrust digital certificate technology to secure access control cards for visitors to government facilities