HID Global to Acquire RFID Components Supplier

HID Global to Acquire RFID Components Supplier

HID Global has established an agreement to acquire LUX-IDent, an RFID components supplier based in the Czech Republic, the company has announced.

The Czech firm designs and manufactures RFID components including inlays, prelaminates, key fobs, and glass transponders, among others; and its solutions range across Low Frequency, High Frequency, Near Field Communication, and RAIN RFID ultra-high frequency bands. Smart card makers, system integrators, and OEMs are among its main clients.

In announcing the pending acquisition, HID Global CEO Stefan Widing asserted that his organization is already “a premier source of components for a wide variety of RFID use cases and IoT applications”, framing the LUX-IDent purchase as a means of reinforcing that status while expanding HID’s presence in the global market.

“The acquisition of LUX-IDent further optimizes our portfolio with more ways to offer customization in both large and small volume projects,” Widing said. “Expanding our presence in Central and Eastern Europe with LUX-IDent will further enhance HID’s ability to serve customers locally while extending our RFID technology into emerging markets.”

The deal’s announcement indicates that HID is on a bit of a shopping spree, with the company also having just announced its acquisition of Australia-based secure card maker Placard, a move that came shortly after HID’s purchase of PKI solutions provider HydrantID last month.

HID Global’s deal to acquire LUX-IDent is subject to regulatory approval, with HID anticipating that the deal will close in the fourth quarter of this year. Assuming the acquisition moves forward, LUX-IDent will be folded into HID’s Identification Technologies business, overseen by VP and Managing Director Marc Bielmann.