HiSense Sticks with FPC1145 Sensor for A2 Pro

A new smartphone from HiSense features Fingerprint Cards technology. The HiSense A2 Pro’s fingerprint scanning capability is powered by an FPC1145 sensor.

HiSense Sticks with FPC1145 Sensor for A2 ProThe device is a new iteration of the HiSense A2 launched near the start of the year, and true to form, features the same FPC sensor model. China-based HiSense also used an FPC fingerprint sensor in the original HiSense A1, which paired it with Precise Biometrics software.

The news comes after a string of smartphone integration announcements from FPC over the past few weeks. Just last week, two high-profile smartphones launched at the IFA Berlin 2017 trade show feature FPC sensors; and the company announced integrations into three new models from a Japan-based OEM, though it declined to name that particular client.

The HiSense A2 Pro was also officially revealed at IFA Berlin, where HiSense representatives highlighted its Snapdragon 625 processor and 12MP rear and 16MP front-facing cameras.

Sources: Fingerprint Cards, Gearburn