Hitachi ID Systems Introduces Mobile Access to IAM System

unsplash_mobileHitachi ID Systems has announced the release of a new version of its Identity and Access Management Suite. Version 9.0 will now offer mobile access via iOS and Android platforms.
The Identity and Access Management Suite is essentially a mediator between users and corporate networks, with this new version improving the user’s ability to automate access remediation, and enhancing the user interface. Most important, though, is the launch of Hitachi ID Mobile Access. In a statement, Hitachi ID CTO Idan Shoham pointed out that while users increasingly try to access corporate networks from their mobile devices, there’s often a connectivity issue, as the mobile devices “are rarely attached to the corporate WiFi or VPN.” With Hitachi ID Mobile Access, users are now able to connect even when they’re not on the corporate network, via a cloud-based proxy service and a scanned QR code for security.
It’s a welcome development as more and more workplaces embrace bring-your-own-device (BYOD) corporate cultures. And while BYOD presents new security vulnerabilities, Hitachi ID Systems’ use of QR code scanning is a significant security measure against those risks. It’s not clear that such a solution is as effective as the kind offered by devices like the Tactivo smart cases for mobile devices, which require employee smart cards for network access; but in any case, it’s a step in the same direction, which is good news for organizations embracing BYOD.