Honda and VocalZoom Work to Bring Enhanced Biometrics to Smart Cars

Honda is working with Israel-based voice biometrics specialist VocalZoom to develop an enhanced voice interaction system for smart cars. The companies are working together via Honda’s Xcelerator program, which aims to foster technological innovation by connecting startups and smaller tech companies with the auto maker.Honda and VocalZoom Work to Bring Enhanced Biometrics to Smart Cars

The partnership could demonstrate a particular utility for VocalZoom’s technology in the smart car environment. The technology is notable for its use of an optical sensor to monitor skin vibrations in a speaker’s face as she speaks, a process that can help to isolate the subject’s speech even in noisy environments. As VocalZoom VP Rammy Bahalul explains in a statement, the system could perform well “even with background noise from open windows, engine noise, music playing, passenger conversations and other interference.”

The companies are demonstrating this technology at this week’s CES 2017 expo, where biometric technology in the smart car is emerging as a considerable trend. Nuance Communications, for example, is also at CES, showing off an improved version of its Dragon Drive voice command platform that is able to distinguish between the voices of multiple passengers and interact with each of them.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)