Hong Kong Supermarket Enables Apple Pay on App

Leading Hong Kong supermarket PARKnSHOP is now accepting Apple Pay through its mobile app. The integration comes by way of Atlanta-based Global Payments.

Hong Kong Supermarket Enables Apple Pay on AppIn a statement announcing the integration, Global Payments and PARKnSHOP emphasized the security of Apple Pay, highlighting its use of encryption and tokenization in handling user payment data. And PARKnSHOP in particular highlighted the sophistication of Apple’s mPayment technology, suggesting the move demonstrates PARKnSHOP’s effort “to bring customers the best mobile shopping experience by embracing cutting-edge technologies.”

While in-app purchases such as those that have now been enabled with PARKnSHOP have long been an important component of Apple Pay’s business, the mPayment platform is currently enjoying substantial growth on the web, with signs indicating that it has already become one of the top payment options online since Apple launched its web capability in September. Collectively, all of this activity helps to illustrate Apple’s aim of becoming an all-channel digital payments leader with Apple Pay.