Honor 7i Experiments with Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor, Reversible Camera

Honor 7i Experiments with Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor, Reversible CameraHuawei’s newest smartphone offers a couple of interesting novelties in its design. The Honor 7i features a swivel-based camera and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

While most smartphones feature two cameras – a front-facing camera for richer images and a less advanced rear-facing camera for selfies – the Honor 7i uses one camera to flip between both sides. The idea is to offer the same level of quality for selfies as is offered for traditional photos, which could prove appealing as the narcissistic trend continues its cultural ascent.

The Honor 7i’s fingerprint sensor placement is also an unusual twist, as most mobile devices have sensors placed on the front or back. While this certainly frees up space for the smartphone’s display on the front, it isn’t clear what advantage the side mounting offers over a rear-mounted sensor; it may just be change for its own sake. And Huawei hasn’t strayed too far into new territory; it’s sticking with FPC for its fingerprint sensor technology, having used the company’s technology for its last few mobile devices as well.

Priced around $250 USD, the Honor 7i is an example of the growing prevalence of fingerprint sensors on mobile devices. While they started out as advanced features for premium devices, fingerprint sensors have gradually inched across the spectrum, and are now almost standard on high- and mid-range devices.

Source: The Verge