Honor 8 Smart Features Precise Biometrics Tech

Precise Biometrics‘ flagship algorithm software is being used in Huawei’s Honor 8 Smart mobile device.

Honor 8 Smart Features Precise Biometrics TechIt’s another integration that comes by way of Fingerprint Cards, whose FPC1025 fingerprint sensor is being used in the device. The biometric software, Precise BioMatch Mobile, has found its way into a wide range of smartphones through FPC, including numerous devices from Huawei.

It isn’t an exclusive relationship, however. Lately Precise Biometrics has found opportunities to bring its software to mobile devices through multiple other hardware partners, with Synaptics being a recent example.

Still, FPC has been the company’s most prominent partner, and it’s fair to expect many more such integrations to come, via Huawei devices and those from other OEMs.