Hoomano Partnership to Bring OT Tech to Robots

Oberthur Technologies has signed on with a new partner that could bring its embedded connectivity security technology to robots.

Hoomano Partnership to Bring OT Tech to Robots

Together with Softbank Robotics, Hoomano is one of the companies behind the social robot Pepper (pictured).

The partner, Hoomano, specializes in the development of robots meant to interact with humans in an intuitive way. Together with Softbank Robotics, it’s one of the companies behind Pepper, a robot server that Pizza Hut Asia is currently trialing.

In a statement announcing the partnership, OT said that it will bring to the solutions “an optimized connectivity and essential level of trust to answer requirements of industries such as Retail, Banking, Hospitality & Healthcare.” OT CTO Marc Bertin added that the partnership will see the development of “secured connectivity solutions for the internet-of-things and social robots.”

The partnership’s announcement comes at a time when robot technology appears to be reaching a level at which robots could see impactful real-world deployments, with LG having showcased four new robots at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, including one designed for use in the smart home.

OT and Hoomano are showcasing their solutions at this week’s INNOROBO expo in Paris.