HTC Polishes Flagship Smartphone

Mobile BiometricsHTC has announced a new version of its flagship HTC One M9 smartphone, according to an article by James Vincent on The Verge. The new mobile device, dubbed the HTC One M9+, sports some minor technical improvements, but is otherwise very similar to its predecessor.

So, what are those improvments? One is a bigger and sharper screen. Another is an improved processor – namely an octa-core, 2.2GHz MediaTek Helio X10. And it also now sports Duo Camera hardware in its 20-megapixel lens. But perhaps most importantly, it now features a touch-based fingerprint sensor, which should considerably improve the user experience as consumers start to embrace the various mCommerce/mPayment platforms coming out this year.

These improvements may seem relatively insignificant, but now that the top-line smartphones are reaching “feature parity”, there appears to be a perception that every little detail counts towards attaining a competitive edge. There are broader strategies too, of course; in the first place, HTC was banking on the One M9’s customizability as its key selling point. But clearly the company felt it was worth going back and doing some tinkering. Plus, people really like big screens.