Huawei Steals Apple’s Thunder With Force Touch Tech


The Huawei Mate S, which launches on September 15, will feature a Force Touch display.

Huawei has beaten Apple to the punch with its introduction of Force Touch technology in its newest mobile device. With the Mate S, the China-based smartphone maker appears to be taking aim at the top tier of the premium smartphone market.

That part of the business is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung, which respectively have 14.6 and 21.9 percent of the market’s sales, compared to Huawei’s 7.8 percent in the first quarter of this year. While they certainly pose tough competition, Huawei is taking a hard run at them with its new device. It features a 5.5″ display, a 13 MP camera, and occupies the same range of the price spectrum as Apple’s and Samsung’s devices, at about $732.

And, as aforementioned, it features Force Touch technology, an advanced kind of biometric technology that enhances the device’s ability to measure the user’s interaction with the touchscreen via pressure sensors. The Mate S’s inclusion of the technology appears to be a thunder-stealing move against Apple, which has been widely expected to tout the Force Touch capabilities of its new iPhones as a major component of their incremental improvements over its previous iPhones. Of course, Apple hasn’t even officially announced its new smartphones yet; the Mate S will have a wide release on Sept. 15th.

Source: Reuters Cnada