Huawei Takes FPC1267 Sensor for Another Spin

Huawei is taking one of Fingerprint Cards newest fingerprint sensor models for another spin in a new device in its Nova line of smartphones, the Nova 2S.Huawei Takes FPC1267 Sensor for Another Spin

This latest iteration in the Nova series comes soon after last month’s Nova 2i. While that device also featured a Fingerprint Cards sensor, it was in that case an FPC1028.

The new device’s sensor model, the FPC1267, hasn’t yet seen as many integrations, but Huawei recently used it in its V10 smartphone, in which the sensor’s thin design helped to make room for a large, 18:9 aspect ratio screen. It’s a major trend in today’s smartphone market, with various device makers seeking to maximize screen size at all costs, with Apple going so far as to abandon its fingerprint scanning home button on the iPhone X.

The Nova 2S is very much a part of that trend, sporting a 6″ screen with 2160 x 1080 resolution. Other features of the device include dual camera systems on the front and back of the device, a 3,340 mAh battery, and a Kirin 960 processor.

Sources: Fingerprint Cards, Android Central