Huawei Honor 8 Features Fingerprint Cards Biometric Tech

Huawei’s Honor 8 device was launched at the start of this week, and as with previous iterations of the smartphone, it came with biometric hardware from Fingerprint Cards.

Huawei Honor 8 Features Fingerprint Cards Biometric TechWhile the Honor 7 and Honor 7i each featured the FPC1145 sensor model, the newest Honor smartphone employs an FPC1035 sensor. Huawei also recently used another FPC sensor model—the FPC1025—in its P9 and P9+ devices, suggesting that the company is quite satisfied with FPC’s technology and willing to test out different models on new devices.

It’s that kind of smartphone OEM interest that has helped to propel FPC to a leading position as a fingerprint sensor supplier to the mobile market – and to launch from that foundation into new areas. Having recently posted a corporate update detailing a very successful second quarter, FPC is pushing ahead with new endeavors to explore smart cards, automotive applications, and the Internet of Things.

To that end, FPC also just got new leadership, with Christian Fredrikson taking the helm as its new CEO on the same day that the Honor 8 was launched.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)