Huawei P9 Schematics Hint at Fingerprint Sensor

Huawei P9 Schematics Hint at Fingerprint SensorImages of purported schematic designs for the Huawei P9 smartphone have been leaked, according to new reports.

The leaks seem to come in anticipation of next month’s Mobile World Congress, where Huawei is expected to launch the device; and of course they are prompting the speculation that they were likely intended to produce. The images suggest the device will have a metal frame and two cameras, along with a speaker on the phone’s bottom.

They also depict a physical home button, which will be a departure from the P8’s use of entirely virtual buttons. That strongly implies the device is going to feature a fingerprint sensor, becoming the first in the P line to do so. This would accord with Huawei’s enthusiasm for fingerprint sensors as seen in other recent devices from the company; and if its history with those is any indication, it is reasonable to expect that the sensor will come from Fingerprint Cards and will be powered by Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software (though obviously that cannot be confirmed at this time and this is just speculation).

Previous speculation has suggested that the P9 will sport a 5.2″ 1080p display, an octa-core processor, and 4GB of RAM. It’s currently expected to reach stores this March.

Sources: GSMArena, International Business Times