Huawei Unveils OS for IoT

Huawei Unveils OS for IoTHuawei has thrown its hat into the IoT ring. According to a Reuters report from Gerry Shih and Kenneth Maxwell, the telecommunications equipment company announced a new OS and other equipment seeking to connect devices in the Internet of Things.

The operating system was the biggest and boldest step into the IoT market. Part of Huawei’s Agile IoT architecture, the LiteOS is meant to control basic connected devices. Huawei executives also showcased customizable wireless hardware that could be used in business applications in the IoT. It’s all being designed to operate in the company’s “free and open” Agile IoT architecture; as one Huawei executive explained, “Standardizing infrastructure will foster the development of Internet applications, including ‘IoT’ applications.”

That attitude is perhaps starting to trend. Experts have long called for security standards, but more general technological standards would also go a long way in helping encourage developers to make products without any fear that incompatibility will quickly render them obsolete. Moreover, a standard architecture or platform will make it easier for developers to turn an idea into reality since they wouldn’t have to build everything from the ground up.