HYPR Excited to Join FIDO Alliance

HYPR Excited to Join FIDO AllianceHYPR Corp., an open platform provider of cloud-based biometric security, has joined the FIDO Alliance. In making the announcement, the company highlighted FIDO’s commitment to universal authentication standards and advancements in security and privacy, and emphasized its own offerings to help in the efforts.

HYPR’s platform uses biometric sensors to link mobile devices to the cloud using three-factor authentication. The company aims its platform at government and enterprise deployments, with a focus on versatility, offering modular solutions via a SaaS model or an on-premise model.

Speaking in a press release, HYPR CEO George Avetisov expressed pleasure about joining FIDO, and emphasized the applications of his company’s technology in the burgeoning Internet of Things, saying it’s “making biometric authentication a necessity.” He said that new security threats via the IoT are emerging “almost daily” and asserted, “New methods are needed, and having agreed-upon standards will ease the transition.”

Those sentiments echo many others; while the IoT is full of potential, security experts have long expressed concern about the new security vulnerabilities that the IoT entails. Most seem to agree that biometric security is the way to go, and given that FIDO is a key facilitator in establishing such standards, HYPR has made a wise move in joining the alliance.