HYPR SDK Offers Offline Biometric Tokenization

HYPR SDK Offers Offline Biometric TokenizationHYPR Corp. has announced the release of a new biometric SDK aimed at enterprises and government agencies. Entitled simply HYPR SDK, the system is designed to enable the tokenization of voice, facial, or fingerprint biometric data.

Perhaps more importantly, the system is designed to authenticate actions without having to transmit any biometric data online; the device agnostic technology leverages the capabilities already in place on consumer devices like smartphones, tablets, and so on, and keeps all the data offline. Moreover, the company calls it an “add-on” software system, allowing user organizations to enable biometric authentication functionality without having to replace their preexisting authentication system.

HYPR is, to some extent, riding the wave of popularity currently being enjoyed by mobile biometric authentication systems, driven in large part by the pioneering Touch ID system found on newer Apple devices. “When we started building the HYPR platform, there was one mobile device on the market with a fingerprint reader,” said HYPR CEO George Avetisov in a statement, adding, “By the end of 2016, analysts project over a billion biometric-enabled devices will be in Internet users’ hands. We’re ensuring that companies are utilizing those biometric devices the right way, and that user data is kept safe.”

While smartphones are undoubtedly the current focus of HYPR’s technological security, the company has been clear in suggesting that they’re part of a larger, emerging Internet of Things framework, which will demand exactly this kind of security in a wide range of devices. This was very much a part of the company’s thinking when it joined the FIDO Alliance this spring, and in May HYPR released a biometric security SDK for the IoT specifically.