HYPR Offers Solution in Wake of Biometric Data Hacks

HYPR Offers Solution in Wake of Biometric Data HacksHYPR Corp is promoting its biometric tokenization platform in the wake of recent findings on Android smartphones’ security vulnerabilities.

The findings come by way of the Black Hat USA conference, at which hackers and security experts have been discussing the many ways they have found of breaching security on a number of systems. One pair of hackers found that it’s possible to copy user fingerprint data from the HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy S5, while another team found that HTC smartphones were storing users’ fingerprint in image files stored in open, world readable folders.

While the security researchers pointed to clear, obvious solutions such as taking advantage of Android devices’ Android Trust Zone, which isolates data from the OS, and storing data in encrypted files, HYPR offers a solution that could provide a valuable additional layer of security: Its biometric tokenization SDK. It’s device agnostic technology capable of tokenizing facial, fingerprint, and voice biometric data, and keeping that data offline.

Its a solution that the company has developed for the mobile world, but its underlying technology also has applications in the growing Internet of Things, and HYPR has already adapted it accordingly. Given its proficiency in such advanced, front-line digital security efforts as well as its membership with the FIDO Alliance, it may be worth smartphone-makers’ while to pay attention to what HYPR has to offer.