I Am Real Leverages Facial Recognition and Social Media Activity for Authentication

facial recognitionA new authentication platform aims to make dating sites and the sharing economy a lot more reliable. Called I Am Real, it combines facial recognition with social analytics to verify individuals’ identities.

The facial recognition aspect of the platform is particularly robust, using a novel patent-pending system called Video Face Validation, which requires a user to record a video of herself saying a passcode or phrase, and then matches the user’s image against one from her own official identification or social network. The video aspect of this modality may reflect a potentially growing trend, as other authentication systems aim to use the more robust security that moving images offer over their static counterparts.

The other aspect of I Am Real’s authentication process what the company calls ‘social-graph’ validation, employing big data processing to cross-reference user identity against documented instances of social media interaction. Moreover, by plumbing the user’s social media data, the platform is capable of determining ‘Social Scores’ on users’ likelihood to convert into a valuable customer for a client app or service.

It’s an authentication platform that could offer serious benefits to online sharing economy services like Uber and AirBnB, or even to dating sites seeking a means to verify the identities of users. And it’s part of what could be a growing trend in the rise of behavioral biometrics and social analytics systems, with platforms like Socure, BioCatch, and NuData’s NuDetect also looking at user behavior for authentication and risk assessment purposes.