i1 Biometrics Expands Head Impact Tech Portfolio

i1 Biometrics Expands Head Impact Tech PortfolioSports and wearable technology company i1 Biometrics has acquired Impakt Protective’s Shockbox product, the company has announced. The acquisition is seen as a valuable addition to i1 Biometrics’ product portfolio, and should help the company increase its presence in the concussion management area of the wearables market.

Shockbox is essentially an impact sensor that can be attached to a helmet. When it detects that the users has experienced a strong enough impact that there is a risk of concussion, it sends a digital alert via Bluetooth to an assigned smartphone – so, for example, the coach of a football team can be notified immediately when a player in her care has suffered a potentially serious injury. It can also be programmed to send an emergency notification to a pre-assigned contact if the first alert does not receive a timely response.

While some other companies are testing the applications of this kind of technology in a more clinical vein, Shockbox is already available as a commercial product, priced at $179 on Amazon. It complements i1 Biometrics’ Vector MouthGuard – another connected wearable designed to collect biometric data on head impacts. Together, the products now comprise i1 Biometrics’ Impact Intelligence System.

Source: Yahoo Finance