IAM Software Provider Acquires 2FA, Inc.

Identity and access management (IAM) software provider Identity Automation has acquired 2FA, Inc., a digital security company focused in the areas of multi-factor authentication and single-sign on.IAM Software Provider Acquires 2FA, Inc.

In a statement announcing the acquisition, Identity Automation asserted that 2FA, Inc.’s solutions support nine different methods of authentication, including RFID, OTP, fingerprint biometric, and SMS. It also supports SSO application on Windows and Mac OS. Perhaps even more importantly, 2FA, Inc. has established a considerable network of government clients, boasting of more than 650 customers across 25 countries, including every state in the US.

With the acquisition, Identity Automation is aiming not only to gain access to this impressive client network, but to inject powerful authentication solutions into its IAM platform. As Identity Automation CEO James Litton explains, the combination of the two companies’ technologies “enables  Identity Automation to provide our customers with the most robust IAM and authentication solution in a single software stack, making us an excellent one stop shop choice for IAM and authentication needs.”

As companies across a range of sectors become increasingly concerned with secure forms of automation in a rapidly evolving IT landscape, the acquisition should help Identity Automation to further enhance its market appeal with 2FA, Inc.’s portfolio of solutions.