iBeta Certified for Mastercard’s Formal Approval Services

iBeta Certified for Mastercard’s Formal Approval Services

The iBeta Quality Assurance lab can officially add another certificate to its wall. The biometric testing facility has now been accredited by Mastercard, becoming a certified provider of Mastercard’s Formal Approval Services as of June.

iBeta is one of the world’s leading biometric testing facilities, and is equipped to test face, palm, voice, and fingerprint recognition technologies built for mobile and wearable devices. The Quality Assurance lab is already accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and was the first lab to be accredited under the FIDO Alliance’s Biometric Component Certification Program.

“With the addition of the Mastercard accreditation, along with our NIST/NVLAP and FIDO Alliance accreditations, iBeta has become the leader in the testing of biometrics technologies,” said iBeta Business Development Manager Evan Call.

The Denver-based facility has consistently upgraded its testing capabilities as biometric technology has improved, most notably when it began offering more robust anti-spoofing evaluations back in 2018. The company has also called attention to the importance of liveness detection.

Coupled with the more recent FIDO component certification, the new Mastercard accreditation demonstrates that iBeta will continue to keep pace with the latest biometric trends, and provide reliable testing for many more biometric products in the future.