Recent iBeta Testing Highlights Importance of Liveness Detection

Denver-based iBeta Quality Assurance is highlighting the importance of liveness detection.

Recent iBeta Testing Highlights Importance of Liveness DetectionThe quality testing firm says it recently completed evaluations of multiple biometric systems on behalf of “a mid-size bank”, according to a statement from the firm. The various biometric systems were tested for False Reject Rates, False Acceptance Rates, and Spoof False Accept Rates.

Commenting on the matter, iBeta Director of Biometrics Dr. Kevin Wilson noted that “[s]poofing and liveness testing is an increasingly important part of any thorough evaluation of biometric technology as black hats look for new ways around improved biometrics-based security,” adding that the latest National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines make clear that “presentation attack detection is being considered as a mandatory requirement.”

It’s part of the reason that multimodal authentication systems are becoming increasingly popular, and why major companies like Precise Biometrics are investing heavily in bringing liveness detection to their biometric solutions. And with Gemalto’s recently published Breach Level Index highlighting the increasing threats when it comes to hack attacks, the need for such security is clear.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)