IBIA Welcomes High Profile New Members

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) has welcomed four new members to its ranks, and they include some big names.

Four New Members Join IBIA's RanksOne is the University of Buffalo’s Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors, or CUBS. The academic body researches and develops biometric technologies for both civilian and government security applications, and as such could be a valuable connection for the many IBIA members active in both areas. NextgenID, for example—another new IBIA member—offers identity assurance solutions both to state and federal agencies, and for enterprise commercial clients.

Meanwhile, the other two new IBIA members, BehavioSec and Aware, are both active in the commercial market. BehavioSec offers behavioral biometrics technology and recently teamed up with Nationwide and Unisys to develop universal authentication app; while biometrics specialist Aware has just launched a new FIDO Certified mobile platform for selfie-based authentication.

Together, these new members should prove to be valuable additions to the IBIA as the international trade group advocates for the benefits of biometric technologies.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)