IBM Uses Wearable IoT Devices to Improve Worker Safety

IBM Uses Wearable IoT Devices to Improve Worker Safety

IBM has announced a slew of new partnerships that will help make hazardous workplaces safer for employees. The tech giant is specifically targeting physically demanding fields like mining, factories, and construction, equipping workers with wearable Watson IoT devices that monitor biometrics and changes in the surrounding environment, including height, heat, and gas levels.

The new devices are being made in collaboration with Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone. The data collected from IBM’S Maximo Worker Insights platform will make it easier for employers to respond to potentially dangerous circumstances in the workplace.

“The implementation of smart protective equipment allows us to better analyze workplace data and provide important safety insights in near real-time,” said Guardhat Co-Founder and CEO Saikat Dey. 

“Worker safety is a critical priority for all enterprises and this collaboration is a major milestone in dramatically improving the way enterprises identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace,” added IBM Watson General Manager Kareem Yusuf. 

According to IBM, there were approximately 3 million on-the-job injuries in 2017, which collectively cost their employers nearly $60 billion in insurance and compensation expenses. The new tech should help to reduce both numbers, and can easily be integrated into the hard hats and safety vests that many workers are already expected to wear.

IBM is also one of the signees of the GSMA’s recent Digital Declaration, indicating a commitment to transparency in its use of personal data.